Aug 11, 2023

First registrations of electric cars in Germany: VW overtakes Tesla

FLENSBURG (dpa-AFX) - VW has reclaimed the top position for pure electric cars in Germany from Tesla. With 41,475 first registrations in the first seven months of the year, the Wolfsburg-based brand is once again just ahead of its U.S. competitor, which came in at 40,289 passenger cars, according to figures from the Federal Motor Transport Authority. Tesla was still ahead at the half-year mark and also in 2022 as a whole.

As of the end of July, Mercedes followed with 20,613 first registrations, ahead of Audi with 16,786, BMW with 15,987 and Hyundai with 15,411. In total, the KBA registered 268,926 first registrations of purely electric cars from January to July. With internal combustion engines, the figure was a good 1.64 million./ruc/DP/zb